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Some Soft Spot Surfaces even after Otta Seal is Sealed

The photo above shows the road after the Otta Seal.

“With soft spots like that, all we can really do is patch those areas over the years,” the city engineer told the council.
Tyson went on to say that this project was only about $80,000 and is considered a temporary fix. It is not a road rebuild and covered in asphalt. That type of construction would have cost the city about $800,000. “In the end, it should be a smoother road that has better dust control,” Tyson stated.
The engineer also mentioned to the council that there should not be any heavy truck/ agricultural implement usage on that road. The more trucks that use it the faster it will be destroyed. There are many problems with that, including sending all the trucks down Sunset Blvd., causing additional wear and tear on that street.
Currently, there are some large holes on the road. The difficult part of that is, now that the road is covered with Otta Seal, it really can’t be graded. If the road was graded, it could lose its Otta Seal cover and it is back to a bumpy gravel road.
The council will be facing some tough questions at their next meeting.


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