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Nugget Band is Back under Baratono’s Beat and Boogie

Polish the brass, wet the reed, and tune the piano as the percussion sets the rhythm under Hawley High School’s new band director, Arlo Baratono’s lead. Last year, Mr. Baratono came to Hawley as a student-teacher and worked with Mr. Wander. “I’m super fortunate to have worked with him. My high school band director recommended student teaching with Keith, so I mentioned to my college professor who I wanted to student teach with and it all worked out. Keith was a ton of help, and taught me a lot about conducting, working with students, and building confidence,” Mr. Baratono, whose instrument of choice is the tuba, explained.
Arlo first took an interest in music in elementary school. He wanted to play guitar, but his parents told him if he was serious about music, he would need to start on the piano.

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