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From an Idea to a Company, Vektor Designs, Continues to Move Forward

Vektor (Vector) is a geometric object which has both magnitude for length and direction. Vektor is commonly represented by a line segment traveling in a specific direction, and often indicated by an arrow. Justin Mattson, President of Vektor Designs, which specializes in creating “quality, robust mechanical engineering designs” such as weldments, sheet metal, machines, plastics, electrical systems, hydraulics, and full system designs, felt Vektor was a good fit for the name of his company because, from the moment Vektor Designs opened their doors back in January, the business has only moved forward with magnitude.
Vektor Designs partnered with Dustin Hanson, and is based out of PharmaMed Automation Headquarters (112 15 St S Hawley). “PharmaMed Automation’s working relationship with Vektor will fill that void for clients that only need engineering design,” Dustin, President of PharmaMed, stated.
Justin’s interest in engineering sparked at a young age out on his family farm north of Lake Park. Not only did he work in the fields, but on the machines that plowed, seeded, and combined those fields. “My set of engineering skills is based on Ag engineering but has grown beyond that,” Justin stated and went on to say, “My interest in math and science as well as family members in the science field, has all contributed to my interest in engineering.”

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