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Nuggets Anderson and Christensen Went Up Against Some of the Best Student Speakers in the Nation


For a society that isn’t too crazy about public speaking, we were amazed at how brave these speech students truly are. “I just wanted to be part of the debate team. I was involved in the category of original oratory when I first joined speech.  Then I found extemporaneous speaking, and I’ve grown into it. With extemporaneous I like dealing with international issues. I like learning about these issues that I speak about,” Kelso shared.
“I have done Serious Interpretation of both Drama and Poetry as well. I like these categories because you can have deep and meaningful conversations with people in an entertaining (and often heartfelt) way! Some people tend to take a gritty approach at these categories, but I have made it my priority to perform literature that has resonated with myself and Hawley’s community standards,” Derrek said.


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Derrek Christensen and Kelso Anderson holding the plaque Kelso won for being a quarter finialist.

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