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There is no need to fear OTTA Seal is here, almost

Otta seal is a type of bituminous surfacing agent that was developed by the Norwegian Road Research Laboratory (NRRL). Its name is based on the location in which it was created, the Otta Valley. Otta seal was developed to be used as a temporary surfacing on new roads; however, after seeing its strength, it has been used as permanent roads as well.
Hawley Council member Jonathan Donnelly had this comment during the Monday, June 3 council meeting, “The plan is to dig out sections of 15th street and fill back in with 2-5 inches of class five. That would help firm up the road. Then to do the OTTA Seal on top of the class five. Then they will spray a layer of oil, then spread fine sand, then another layer of oil then the sand. This is done until there is a top section of about 1.5 inches thick.”

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Will this be the new-look 15th Street (cemetery rd)?

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