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“Because I don’t want a ‘Columbine’ to happen in our District.”

The School Board Votes for a Full-time Hawley Police Officer to be the next SRO.


SB Todd Heiberg’s question, “Why are we fixing something that isn’t broken? We have a good relationship with our current SRO and the students are happy.”

SB Member Cody Marshall, however, sees this as a positive opportunity to “Build a stronger relationship with the city.” Both Olson and Thompson agreed, “This is a good chance to make amends.” It then circled back to Marshall who made a valid point, “This should be about the safety of the kids.

The debate eventually led to Heiberg asking Sellin why he felt so strongly about a full-time SRO when the point of order wasn’t brought by the District’s Administration. Sellin responded, “Because I don’t want another Columbine to happen in our District.”


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