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For Steve Ekre, Sirens were a Life-Saving Song

I was in the middle of a foosball tournament with Connor and Bryce Fenske when the sirens started blaring. My phone is hooked up with an app that sends me messages if there is a medical call for the Hawley Emergency Response Team. My phone shoots out siren sounds when someone is in need of medical assistance.
The third game was 6-5 (I think Connor was ahead, but don’t tell him) when the sirens went off. The original message was that a male was having a stroke. We dashed upstairs and started to get our boots on when the sirens went off again. It was now a Code 99, which means the patient isn’t breathing.

Read the rest of this story, written from the perspective of an EMT, in the Hawley Herald.


Hawley Rescue (HERT) members Connor Ness and Marc Ness stop to visit Steve Ekre at the Sanford Hospital.

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