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Enderlin Bullseye Tournament

Hawley Archery team traveled to Enderlin, North Dakota on Saturday, February 9 for the Enderlin Bullseye Tournament. Two highschoolers received medals for their efforts. Madison Blattenbauer received a first place medal for a score of 282 and Nicholas Groth received a second place medal for a score of 288. Nicholas actually tied for first, but the other shooter had one more ten then him so he received a silver medal. Madison Blattenbauer and Beth Goodhart both shot 50s at 10 meters and received silver pins.

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Carl Ekre, Nick Palmer, David Flaten, Madison Blattenbauer, Nicholas Groth, Jason Knorr, Beth Goodhart, Dalton Flaten, Ashley Knorr, Destiny Flaten, Jasmine Knorr, Mike Robertson, and Iris Hass

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