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Jayden Joins 1K Club

With a three pointer in the first half at Perham, senior guard Jayden Carlisle notched the 1000 point of his high school career.
“People can say what they want about how the game has changed, but the 1000 point mark is still something special,” commented Coach Stoa. “It’s not even the plateau that is the only special part.  It’s one of many ways for a basketball player to gain recognition for the time that they have put into making themselves better.  It doesn’t happen by accident.  Jayden is a great role model for hard work paying big dividends.  I hope all of our young Nuggets have taken notice.  I also hope that our young Nuggets notice that Jayden isn’t just a scorer.  He leads our team in assists, deflections, and the conference in steals.  He’s a complete point guard that makes his teammates better and has been a fantastic young man to coach.”

Jayden joins the 1K club

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