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A Sweet Holiday Tradition


A card and a box bring a lot of joy to the holiday season and I’m not talking about Christmas cards or a present, but the recipe cards sitting in grandma’s recipe box. Many families have a traditional recipe that they pull out every year around this time whether it’s to spread some holiday cheer or simply a sweet holiday tradition they look forward to.
There is a group of women at the Hawley Alliance Church who get together during the holiday season and whip up 1,200 cookies. Once the cookies are made, they’re boxed up and delivered to those in our community in need of a little holiday cheer. They also deliver trays of cookies to the Manor, Northside Terrance and other assisted living facilities in the area.
“This is kind of like a Christmas Cookie Factory but on a smaller scale,” Nancy Ronsberg explained, as she pulled a sheet of Merry Christmas Cookies out of the oven. “I have three different timers going off,” she chuckled heading over to the next oven.



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Lily and Sydney Skaurud rolling out lefse!

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