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Painting in VR … What a trip!

Today I got to paint with Mrs. Martin’s third grade class. Only we didn’t use paint brushes or paint and we didn’t stand in front of our painting, but more so inside them. When Superintendent Jensen presented the idea of 3D education to the board back in February, he made the comment, “The software creates a very “hands on” approach to learning.” Hands on with a side of awe, I’d say.
I watched, not knowing what to expect, as the third graders partnered up and helped each other into their 3D gear: goggles, headphones and paddles.  On the computer screen, you see the Tilt Brush program and what the student is drawing. They talk about staying in their circle and teleporting while watching, I had no idea what that meant. On the screen, Miller was drawing a person, but if you watched Miller, he wasn’t facing the screen and when he painted shoes on his person, he actually bent down to the ground as though he were tying his shoes. His partner, Lucy, gasped, “This is so awesome!”
And she was right!

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Suzi is making a painting.

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