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The Gottenborgs’ Opened the Red Barn at Green Garden Farm as a Wedding Venue

Bill and Cheryl Gottenberg

“The red barn at Green Garden Farm has proudly shepherded the farm for over a hundred years. It has gone through generations of farmers and supplied shelter to horses, cows, chickens, rabbits and barn cats.
You first catch a glimpse of the gable roof in the treetops as you’re coming down the highway north of Hawley. It is one of those hidden gems sitting at the end of a gravel driveway bordered by flower gardens, a pumpkin patch, and, an apple orchard just beyond the Gottenborg’s house.
The barn has deep roots, bits and pieces of its history such as the pulley system still runs along the ceiling, but a bright new future that stripped it of its dairy stalls. The hayloft where the barn swallows like to swoop in and make their nests has also been removed exposing the beams and bones of the barn, adding to its rustic charm.  “We had a structural engineer come out last fall to do some structural work such as bracing and moving some of the earth up against the foundation because with age buildings shift. But we decided to leave it somewhat authentic and down to the barebones because we love the way it looks,” Cheryl Gottenborg explained.
Rustic wedding venues are booking up fast as more and more couples are choosing Mason jars over crystal, tarnished brass over gold etching and down-to-earth over high end which is exactly what Green Garden Farm has to offer. But what inspired Bill, a high school science teacher and basketball coach, and Cheryl, an elementary teacher, to open their home to the happy occasion?”


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