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Hearing God

One of the key ingredients to a meaningful relationship is communication. While folding our hands and bowing our head in prayer comes somewhat easy, hearing what God has to say unfortunately isn’t as easy. He certainly isn’t going to call on the phone and lay it all out for us or send an email with a bullet point presentation and step by step instructions. God doesn’t work like that yet He is still speaking, so what might we be missing? While that cannot be spelled out for us, the Hawley Lutheran Church is extending an invitation to the public to take part in an upcoming seminar that might offer some insight on building a healthier form of communication with God.

“One of the most notable Sundays this fall will be a visit to us from Dr. Kent Groethe,” Pastor Paul stated and went on to say, “The free seminar is very worthwhile, and will include lunch, a workbook, books for purchase and Bible study. The community is welcome.”

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